Coming Soon Kool and Kute’s New Franchise in Doral

A Growing Legacy of Pet Care Excellence

Coming Soon: Kool and Kute’s New Franchise in Doral, Miami – Your Pet’s Dream Destination in 2024

Get ready, Doral pet lovers! Something exciting is on the horizon in 2024.

Kool and Kute, the renowned pet care and grooming center, is all set to expand its magical and unique services to Doral, Miami, with a brand-new franchise.

Discover what this pet paradise has in store for you and your furry friends!

A Hub of Pet Services

Kool and Kute is all about providing you with the best options to ensure the well-being of your furry companions. Did you know all that they have to offer? From grooming and emergency care to dental cleaning, pet beautification, and more, Kool and Kute has it covered. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Hotel: A safe and comfortable haven for your pets when you’re away.
  • Tours: Exciting excursions to keep your pets engaged and entertained.
  • Groomer: Professional grooming services for both dogs and cats.
  • Dental Cleaning: Maintaining your pet’s oral health.
  • Pet Beautification: Pampering your pets with baths, trims, and more.
  • Accessory / Toys: A variety of pet accessories and toys for playtime.
  • Pet Food: High-quality pet food for their health and happiness.
  • Mobile Grooming: Convenience at its best – grooming services right at your doorstep.

Mission and Vision

Kool and Kute’s mission is to provide the best service focused on quality, responsibility, love, and respect, both to pets and their owners. Their vision is to create a magical and differentiating space in the market, maintaining a physical presence in multiple states. They strive to provide a pleasant service filled with trust, credibility, innovation, and respect, all while being pet-friendly.

A Reflection of Love for Animals

Kool and Kute’s journey began with founder Rossmely Delgado’s deep love and respect for animals. Raised in a family that valued respect, consideration, kindness, empathy, and infinite love for animals, Rossmely’s passion shines through in every aspect of Kool and Kute.

Expanding Excellence

Since its inception in 2008, Kool and Kute has grown from a small team to a thriving establishment, driven by the demand from people who view their pets as cherished family members. They offer a Pick-Up service, ensuring your pets’ safety as they transport them to their Brickell facilities for services that include excursions, grooming, emergency care, dental cleaning, pet beautification, and more.

Looking Ahead: Franchise Expansion

Due to high demand and a commitment to their mission, Kool and Kute is expanding to other areas by adding franchises in the state of Florida, with Doral, Miami, being the next exciting destination.

Stay tuned for the grand opening in 2024, and join the Kool and Kute family in celebrating the love and care of pets like never before! Your pets deserve the best, and Kool and Kute delivers.

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