In our Kool and kute US locations you will find a team of young people trained to give you excellent attention and quality service.

We Focus on offering you the best options to meet your needs.

Did you know all that we can offer you at Kool&kute?

  • Hotel
  • Tours
  • Groomer
  • Emergency care
  • Dental cleaning
  • Pet Beautification
  • Accessory / Toys
  • Pet food
  • Mobile grooming (we come to your home)

Mission: To provide the best service focused on quality, responsibility, love and respect, both to pets and their owners.

Vision: Maintain physical presence in several states of the country and become a magical and differentiating space in the market, with a team with access to the highest quality training, providing a pleasant service of trust, credibility, innovation, respect and friendly with pets, creating a unique and profitable service experience.

Who we are: Kool and Kute was born from the concern and need of its founder Rossmely Delgado to get a safe and quiet place for their pets.

That love, for animals, is a habit that has to be cultivated from an early age and at some point someone has been in charge of teaching it to us. Rossmelly comes from a family where respect, consideration, kindness, empathy and infinite love for these voiceless beings has accompanied her since she can remember.

Therefore, Kool and Kute is the mirror of the soul of its founder, because it is known that love for animals is the most powerful weapon of the human being.

One of Kool and Kute’s maxims is to convey to its employees and clients the importance of the bond and connection our pets have with humans and this should be reciprocal.

Animals heal US, animals do NOT judge, that is why the bond we develop with them is so special and also allows us to have ‘someone’ to vent our emotions to, ‘someone’ to worry about and ‘someone’ who accompanies us and appreciates us unconditionally.

That is why Kool and Kute is the home where we consider our pets an essential part of our families.

The former producer of channels such as Telemundo, Univision, Televen, etc. changed the drama of soap operas for the life of the pampered pets in Brickell, in 2008, opening a successful, comfortable and unique space for pets that has remained to date in green number being one of the few grooming salons, dog and cat daycare centers in the area.

They started with 3 employees, and nowadays they manage more than 12, since the demand for their services has increased with people who see their pets as a part of the family and demand a first class, safe and reliable attention.

They have a Pick Up service, where they look for the pets in the Miami area to transfer your pets to the facilities in Brickell and provide the services of: Hotel, excursions, groomer, emergency care, dental cleaning, pet beautification, accessory-toys, canine psychology, organic food and much more.

Since 2019, customers in the Key Biscayne, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Brickell and South Point areas have a Mobile Grooming, where they can have grooming and beautification services for their pets from home.

Actress Ximena Duque and Oreo, singer Juanes and his wife actress Karen Martinez with their peluhijos: Parce, Miranda and Pluto, journalist Marian Valero and her family: Rancho, Gringo and Coco, Mexico’s Bride Angelica Maria and Mozart, Influencer Alezzandra Zuret and her Chispita, are some of the clients who look to Kool and Kute for their services and trust Rossmely to leave their loved o n e s in their hands.

Rossmely has more than 15 years of experience working in the canine and feline area, guaranteeing that pets are respected, protected and safe, providing a first class service with our own high quality products.

Due to the high demand for its services, Kool and Kute will expand to other areas by adding franchises in the state of Florida, without losing sight of its Mission.