Five Essential Tips to Safeguard Your Pets During 4th of July Fireworks

  1. Provide a Safe Space: Create a secure, familiar environment for your pet where the sound of fireworks is less intense. This could be their favorite room, crate, or a quiet area in the house.
  2. Distract Your Pet: Use toys, treats, or background noise like a radio or television to keep their attention away from the fireworks.
  3. Keep Windows and Doors Closed: Reduce the noise and flashes from fireworks by keeping windows, doors, and curtains closed.
  4. Ensure Up-to-Date Identification: Make sure your pet’s ID tags and/or microchip information are current, in case they become frightened and escape.
  5. Stay Calm and Reassuring: Your behavior can influence your pet’s reactions. By remaining calm and providing comfort, you can help your pet feel safe.

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